Discontinued SKB 19" Rack Cases

Discontinued SKB 19″ Rack Cases

The following items have been discontinued by SKB Cases.

Many of these discontinued racks have been replaced by new and improved versions.
Please call us with any questions you may have.

Model NumberDescription
1SKB-1904Standard Caster kit
1SKB19-10UStandard 19’’ rack  10U
1SKB19-12UStandard 19’’ rack  12U
1SKB19-2UStandard 19’’ rack  2U
1SKB19-3UStandard 19’’ rack  3U
1SKB19-4UStandard 19’’ rack  4U
1SKB19-6UStandard 19’’ rack  6U
1SKB19-8UStandard 19’’ rack  8U
1SKB19-R1006VMini Gig Rig w/Velcro Pop-Up R
1SKB19-R1010Gig Rig
1SKB19-R1010VGig Rig w/Velcro Pop-Up Rack
1SKB-2219PVelcro Pop-Up Mixer Case
1SKB-R10US series Roto rack 17’’ 10U
1SKB-R1208Gig Rig
1SKB-R1400Gig Safe, 14U slanted, mixer c
1SKB-R2US series Roto rack 17’’ 2U
1SKB-R4US series Roto rack 17’’ 4U
1SKB-R6US series Roto rack 17’’ 6U
1SKB-R8US series Roto rack 17’’ 8U
1SKB-RLX3Roll X racks 3U
1SKB-RLX4Roll X racks 4U
1SKB-RLX5Roll X racks 5U
1SKB-RLX6Roll X racks 6U
1SKB-TSATSA (103x77x27.4mm / 35mm top)
1SKB-XRACK22U Shallow ’’X’’ Rack
1SKB-XRACK33U Shallow ’’X’’ Rack
1SKB-XRACK44U Shallow ’’X’’ Rack
1SKB-XRACK4USKB Shallow 4U Roto Rack
3SKB-R4U30-01SKB Rolling ShockRack special