Marine Applications

Watertight Marine 19" Racks

SKB Broadcast Racks and 19″ Bags

Where water and expensive test and monitoring is involved watertight protection is essential, SKB Rack Cases are again used extensively in this field globally.
Hazardous and extreme environments require protective case solutions tough enough to withstand their surroundings, SKB have waterproof 19 inch electronic rack cases to meet applications offshore and inshore.

In the past our 19″ racks have been used at comfortable riverbank water sampling situations to test equipment racks in hostile surroundings on board ships and oil rigs, along with recovery of 19” IT servers being rehoused and towed behind by dinghy in flooded areas.

Moulded of LMDP Linear Medium Density Polyethylene plastic that meets or exceed MIL-STD 810G standards this rugged roto-moulded shell ensures industry leading strength and impact resistance along with complete water ingress protection.

Check out our range IP67 submersible racks and provide yourself with the correct protection you need to give you peace of mind where water is involved.