Portable 19″ Server Racks

Portable Server Racks

Waterproof Shock Mounted Server Racks for the IT industry

SKB Rack Cases have played it’s part in the IT Industry for many years supplying shock mounted 19” server racks the world over.
The IT industry and many other companies involved with the latest technology often are required to move delicate and usually expense equipment, whilst protecting from the everyday life of knocks and drops. SKB portable shock mounted racks are design just for these very jobs.

Our waterproof portable 19” server racks are designed to dramatically reduce the G Forces encountered by your equipment when being moved either for temporary IT 19” server installations, routine servicing or moving offices for example.

When transporting for data recovery of magnetic and optical data storage devices our 19” racks are again perfect in many ways including when used for laboratories and clean rooms as the moulded construction allows for them to be cleaned and sterilised before use.

SKB 19” shock mounted ‘pull along’ style of racks are also widely used by sales representatives for IT equipment, offering them any easy way to handle and transport their equipment, whilst giving a professional appearance and quicker set-up times.

SKB racks offer between IP65 and IP67 water protection to military standards and have been used for unusual applications such portable phone mast control at Glastonbury Festival, Queen Jubilees and many race courses and other sporting events to name but a few uses where SKB racks play an important part.