SKB 10U Roto Rack
17.60″ (44.70 cm) Rail To Rail

The re-designed Roto-molded Rack Cases meet the needs of musicians and pro audio engineers. The new Roto Racks include a gasketed full front and rear covers for easy access.

These re-designed Roto Racks have a new …

Series: Roto Racks
Interior Width: 19.00 in  (48.26 cm)
Interior Height: 17.50 in  (44.45 cm)
Rackable Depth: 17.60 in  (44.70 cm)
Rack Units Total: 10 Unit

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£255.60 (inc VAT)

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SKB 10U Roto Rack
Depth 17.60″ (44.70 cm) Rail To Rail

SKB’s Non Shock Roto Racks meet the needs of musicians and pro audio engineers. The SKB 1SKB-R10U Roto Rack include full front and rear covers for easy access, with gasket seals to prevent water from entering into the case and harming your sensitive equipment. Feel safe wherever you are and wherever you go!

The SKB 1SKB-R10U Roto Rack has an exterior design featuring SKB’s recognizable bar design that signifies the rack size on the front and rear covers; these bars also provide interlocking capabilities allowing you to easily and securely stack them with SKB’s Rolling Roto Racks and Shallow Racks. That makes transporting them even more convenient and secure!

The SKB 1SKB-R10U Roto Rack also comes standard with steel Mil-Spec black twist latches which are recessed for extra durability and longevity, new heavy-duty flush handles, and front and rear rack rails with a rack depth of 17.6” (44.70cm).

These SKB Roto Rack models well accommodate various audio and video devices such as video switchers, power amps, and power conditioners. Typical applications are in music, pro audio/video and many more markets.

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Rackable Depth


Rail Type

Unit Size


IP Rating

Features & Specs


SKB 10U Roto Rack

  • Roto-molded for strength and durability
  • <br<>Front and rear gasketed covers
  • Interlocking stacking ribs
  • New size bar cover design
  • Recessed latches
  • Heavy-duty flushmount handles
  • Rackmount hardware included for secure mounting front or rear
  • Roto molded uni-body construction
  • Threaded steel rails
  • Rear rails included
  • Interlocking X pattern for solid stackability
  • Front and rear full size lids
  • Recessed latches
  • Molded-in handles
  • Shock absorbing feet
  • Interior Width:
  • Interior Height:
  • Interior Cu. Volume:
  • Space Units Total:
  • Rackable Depth:
  • Exterior Depth:
  • Exterior Width:
  • Exterior Height
  • Exterior Cu. Volume:
  • Min. Temperature
  • Carton Length:
  • Carton Width:
  • Carton Depth:
  • Carton Cu. Volume:
  • Product Weight:
  • Shipping Weight:
  • 19.00 in
  • 17.50 in
  • 3.39 cu ft
  • 10U
  • 17.60 in
  • 24.00 in
  • 22.40 in
  • 20.20 in
  • 6.28 cu ft
  • 0.00° F
  • 23.00 in
  • 23.00 in
  • 21.00 in
  • 6.43 cu ft
  • 25.40 lb
  • TBA
  • 48.26 cm
  • 44.45 cm
  • 0.10 cu m
  • 10HE
  • 44.70 cm
  • 60.96 cm
  • 56.90 cm
  • 51.31 cm
  • 0.18 cu m
  • -17.78° C
  • 58.42 cm
  • 58.42 cm
  • 53.34 cm
  • 0.18 cu m
  • 11.52 kg
  • TBA

Options & Accessories


SKB 10U Roto Rack

1SKB-RCB Castor Board



SKB 10U Roto Rack

SKB Non Shock Roto Rack Brochure

SKB Warranty

SKB Cases Lifetime Warranty

SKB Lifetime Warranty
SKB brand hardshell rack cases are fully warranted against defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the case to the original owner. That means, if your case breaks, SKB will supply replacement parts, repair the case, or replace your case for as long as you own it. Proof of Purchase is required for all warranty claims.
SKB Soft cases and gig bags are only warranted for one year from date of purchase.
SKB Rack Cases (this website) will arrange free of charge collection of warranty goods and SKB Cases Inc will cover all of the costs of repairs and/or replacements, as well as the return shipping. Please see our Warranty Page for full details of how we can arrange a free collection.
SKB hardshell rack cases are warranted for life to the original owner only. Cases used for rental purposes, used by institutions or schools, modified or used cases are not covered by this warranty.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whom do I call for SKB replacement parts?
Please call or email us with your requirements. Full contact details can be found on our Contact Page
What do I have to do before I return my SKB case or SKB rack for repair?
Please see our Returns Page for full details and we will arrange free collection..
Does a SKB Warranty Card come with my case?
No warranty card is necessary. Just remember to keep your proof of purchase.
Where will I find my model number on my SKB case?
It is not on your case. You will find the model number on your original proof of purchase receipt. That is why it important to keep your original receipt.
How long will a repair take?
Usually SKB about two weeks from the time we receive your case.

Flight Case Racks

Rugged Protection are also UK manufactures of custom built flight cases and 19” Racks. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the SKB product range, we can probably help. Our 19” Racks can be built to any unit height and any depth, with or without an inner welded steel shock mounted frame.
Our Shock Mounted Server Racks can carry as standard up to 600kg. 3D flight cases are of professional touring quality and are designed for the most demanding and daily use.
For examples of our flight cases please visit our Flight Case Gallery.
SKB vs 3D Flight Case
Disadvantages: Heavier than an SKB Rack and IP65.
Advantages: 3D Racks are bespoke built to any size, carry up to 600kg.
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