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SKB Rack Delivery

Shipping Policy

When we request dispatch of your order, it is tendered to a specific carrier (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) The driver will collect and sign our Bill of Lading (BOL) as proof products have been picked up in brand new condition.The total number of packages is noted on the BOL.The responsibility of the goods is now transferred to the carrier and is insured against damage while in transit until the goods arrive at their destination.

The specific carrier is responsible for the shipment until the customer accepts it at delivery. Please look at the BOL carefully before signing it – check for number of items received.If number of items received does not match number on BOL, please sign for shipment and note the correct number received.Then contact us as soon as possible.

No deliveries will take place on national holidays, they will resume from the day after.



Visible loss or damage means that the loss or damage was apparent at the time of delivery. Noted means that a detailed description of the loss or damage was recorded on the delivery receipt at delivery.


To help us make a claim on the carrier should something be damaged, on delivery you must:

  • Check each handling unit for visible signs of damage.
  • If possible take a photo of any visible signs of damage
  • Open any shipments that show signs of loss or damage while the driver is present.
  • Examine the contents with the driver.
  • Record an exact, detailed description (with photos if possible) of the results of the examination on both the carrier and your copies of the delivery receipt.
  • Do not refuse the shipment
  • Do not use general terms (“box damaged,” etc.) in the description; they do not provide acceptable support for your claim. Please record specific details (‘release handle broken’,’large scratch on framework’ etc).
  • Have the driver sign your copy of the delivery receipt.

Note: Courts have generally ruled that a consignee may not open the containers and examine the merchandise before giving a receipt to the carrier unless the containers indicate the probability of damage.


If you discover damage after delivery and the delivery receipt has a vague notation or no notation, you may find it more difficult to obtain prompt and satisfactory settlement of your claim.


To avoid shortages at delivery, you should:

  • Check the labels on all handling units to be certain they are yours.
  • Check for shortages as goods are being unloaded.
  • Count the handling units.
  • If possible, record when you receive a large number of items or the shipment comprises a number of different items.
  • Keep the shipment together until unloading is completed in case you need a recount.
  • If there is a shortage, describe it in exact terms on the BOL and your copies of the delivery receipt before signing for the shipment.


If you discover concealed loss or damage after you have given the carrier a clear delivery receipt, you must:

  • Notify the carrier immediately in writing. You can notify by telephone, but the telephone call must be followed up by written notification.
  • Keep the shipment (containers and contents) in the same condition that they were in when the damage was discovered.


Returning Goods
Before returning any goods to us it is important to obtain a Returns Note Number by following the instructions on our Returns Policy page.