Download SKB Information Sheets


Below is the latest collection of information sheets for SKB Racks, Installation Guides, and finally Test Certificates.

These .pdf files below are low resolution versions of SKB Rack brochures and are meant to be used as digital references only – they are not suitable for print.
If you require any further information on a particular product or series, please contact us.

You will need a .pdf reader to open these files.
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General SKB Rack Brochure
The above brochure contains general information on all the SKB series of rack cases.
For more detailed information on each rack series please see the iSheets below.
3RR product sheet3RS product sheet3SKB shock rack product sheet1SKB shock rack product sheet
3RR Shock Racks – iSheet3RS Shock Racks – iSheet3SKB Shock Racks – iSheet1SKB Shock Racks – iSheet
1SKB rolling shock rack product sheet1SKB rack product sheet1SKB rolling racks product sheetShallow racks product sheet
Rolling Shock Racks – iSheetNon Shock Racks – iSheetRolling Racks – iSheetShallow Racks – iSheet
Studio Flyer product sheetFly Racks product sheetSoft Racks product sheetPro Audio product sheet
Studio Flyer – iSheetFly Racks – iSheetSoft Racks – iSheetPro Audio – iSheet

SKB Installation Guides

3R Series Caster Kit Install Guide
SKB Installing Support Rails into Shock Rack Systems
Installing Additional Shock Absorbers into Shock Racks
SKB Shockrack Door Pouch Installation
Installing 3SKB-LSB Load Spreader Kit

Test Certificates Etc

SKB Shockrack Drop Test