About SKB RACKS Online Store

SKB 19″ Racks online store is brought to you by Rugged Protection Ltd, an authorised distributor and supplier of SKB Cases.



SKB Case Logo

In 1977, the first SKB case was manufactured in a small Anaheim, California garage by SKB founders Steve Kottman and Dave Sanderson.

Today, SKB engineers cases for hundreds of companies involved in many diverse industries. We look forward to the future with a true sense of accomplishment for the three plus decades, of steady growth and for our adherence to quality standards, that make us industry leaders. We never lose sight of the fact, that our customers give us the opportunity to excel, and their challenges allow us to develop and grow.

Today, with a turn over now running into many millions, SKB are recognised as a global leader in manufacturing watertight & reusable carry cases and waterproof portable 19” rack mount case solutions.
SKB cases and their 19″ racks are engineered to provide watertight protection for equipment utilised by thousands of companies worldwide involved in diverse industries ranging from aeronautics, music, pro audio, sporting and medical applications along with industrial applications including government and military contract fulfilment.

We are grateful for their trust and loyalty, and we remain dedicated to the assurance, that every case with an SKB logo has been manufactured with an unconditional commitment to unsurpassed quality.

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Rugged Protection

Rugged Protection was created by 3D Flight Cases, when Sam Robinson and Steve Kane, joined forces to manufacture professional flight cases and 19″ rack cases. 
Today, 3D Flight Cases are sold throughout the world, having expanded from the entertainment industry into markets such as IT, motor sport, aerospace, military, film and commercial applications. Supplying bespoke designed flight cases, to meet virtually any requirement and deadline.The team, now enjoy an envied and proven track record of manufacturing flight cases, to withstand the rigours of continuous touring and worldwide transport.
In 2018 this SKB Racks Online site, was launched by 3D Flight Cases, to offer SKB Rack Cases to compliment their range of 19″ rack flight cases.
As of January 2019 BCS Cases Ltd took control of the 3D Flight Cases website and manufacturing.

You can visit their website www.3d-flightcases.co.uk